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Pinups of the Apocalypse #2 - "War"

In case of a nuclear strike, don't forget to wear you personal protective equipment.

About Pinups of the Apocalypse:
I like vintage pinups. And also sci-fi and zombies. So why not mix all of this up? It started as a series of "weird" pinups, but then I realized the apocalyptic nature of the illustrations I was planning. They have the light humor of golden age pinup illustrations but with a destructive twist.

Maris andrade nukeisthenewsexy v2 final
Maris andrade nukeisthenewsexy

Preliminary version. There were a lot of improvements to be made, but one of the main changes was the inclination of the hat. In this version it's not clear enough that she is holding the hat, it seems like a military salute done with the wrong hand.