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Dwarven Necromancer

Necromancers are usually portrayed with an elvish appearance. On the other hand, it is rare to see dwarf mages/wizards/warlocks of any kind in most fictional universes. So I decided to give my own try at this unusual combination. I did find some other dwarf necromancers in my research phase, but all of them either looked like regular fantasy dwarves or merely small necromancers. I wanted to achieve a more balanced design.

The green skull-shaped thing on his hand can be interpreted in many ways. Maybe it's made of some kind of "energy". I like to think it's a stone, found by this dwarf when mining for something. And this stone is what gave him necromantic powers, together with a taste for necromantic clothes, weapons and face paint.

Maris andrade dwarven necro v2
Maris andrade dwarven necro

Preliminary version.